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StressX Belt


Step up the intensity with stress-based training! The StressX shocking belt delivers a pain penalty to the wearer when hit. It raises stress levels and ensures more realistic tactical training scenarios. Several configurations are available to vibrate and otherwise alert the operator when he or she has been shot. Students can experience the closest thing to live combat outside of a warzone.

The StressX belt delivers a safe, localized shock or vibration to increase stress levels during game play or training. The adjustable waist strap suits most sizes and it syncs wirelessly to the irVest or irHeadband. The StressX belt features an LED display for easy mode changing and a shot counter. Durable, all-weather construction and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries ensure long lasting use and continued safety.
Professional Sales
iCOMBAT Professional sales are handled through ALPHA OSCAR TACTICAL the exclusive Law Enforcement / Military distributor