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Certified and experienced staff members operate all technical aspects of the equipment which allows you to focus on your training. Alpha Oscar Tactical allows your trainers to offer the most realistic and adrenaline charged training experience to be had!


1) Contact us to schedule your training.
Fill out our contact form and we will be glad to discuss any questions you may have and schedule your training.

2) Alpha Oscar Tactical arrives at your training site and outfits your trainees.
We come to you with the equipment and after a short briefing you will be ready to run your training.

3) You conduct your training, Alpha Oscar Tactical recovers the equipment and leaves the site.
Forget about equipment pack down and maintenance, leave that to us. Alpha Oscar Tactical will pack and go leaving you to debrief and analyse your training results.

Currently opertaing from two states, Alpha Oscar Tactical is standing by to bring our mobile training fleet to your next training session. No one else in Australia offers law Enforcement and Private Security Companies the option to rent training equipment like this. We understand trainers need to provide the best training environment and realism possible.
Professional Sales
iCOMBAT Professional sales are handled through ALPHA OSCAR TACTICAL the exclusive Law Enforcement / Military distributor