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The irM4 replicates one of the most known assault rifles that is used by law enforcement and militaries all over the world. Constructed of high quality cast aluminium and glass filled nylon, the IRM4 is extremely durable and nearly identical to an actual AR15/M4 in felt weight and size. It has the same form, fit, and function as the real thing and brings the word realism up to a whole new level. The irM4 selector switch allows the training rifle to operate in safe, single shot, and three round burst and it can be outfitted with duty sights, lights, stocks and other attachments.

The irM4 shoots distances of over 150 feet in broad daylight, indoors the range increases to 500 plus feet. Internal air-powered pneumatics create a realistic recoil and shot noise, adding to the realism of the gun. These pneumatics are powered by our patented SmartMag, which houses the air source and ammo electronics. The SmartMag can be set to reasistic ammo counts (i.e. 30 rounds) after which they require a new magazine to be put in to continue firing. SmartMags can be set to fire up to 150 rounds and the ammo count is reset by inserting a new co2 cartridge.

The irM4 syncs wirelessly to the irVest to record shot data, accuracy, and more. If a trainee is eliminated, their gun shuts off immediatly preventing cheating.

The irM4 features a bright muzzle flash, ammunition accountability with the Smartmag and features live noise and recoil.
Professional Sales
iCOMBAT Professional sales are handled through ALPHA OSCAR TACTICAL the exclusive Law Enforcement / Military distributor