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Exercise Pantograph was an active armed offender training program involving more than 160 personnel from the NSW Police Force, Transport for NSW, Fire & Rescue NSW and Ambulance NSW. As Sydney Slept, two armed "offenders" defended on Central Station. The scene formed part of an exercise through the force's Active Armed Offender training program, conducted between 11pm and 4am overnight to test the co-ordination and response of emergency services to a terrorist incident. Exercise Pantograph utilised both orange guns and iCOMBAT equipment showcasing the benefits of iCOMBAT force-on-force equipment during training, VS standard training equipment.
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Alpha Oscar Tactical was proud to take part in a training day with the army reseves. The reserves were geared up in our full-scale MOLLE irVEST that houses ten sensors for receiving iCOMBAT weapon shots.

Paired with the vest was our StressX belt, the incredible shocking belt that delivers a pain penalty to the wearer when hit. It raises stress levels and ensures more tactical movement. Several configurations are available to simulate wounds, vibrate and otherwise alert the operator when he or she has been shot.

Each operator was also issued the irM4 with SmartMags set to 30 rounds for full shot accountability. Since our equipment does not use any type of projectile, it was safe for everyone involved in the exercise and the training environment.

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Thanks to everyone who visited our stand at Land Forces 2016! Adelaide Convention Centre attracted a record number of delegates for Land Forces 2016, with 13,451 global delegates coming through the doors of the Centre over three days (September 6 – 8).

The Land Forces attendance record saw defence industry representatives from 23 countries converging on Adelaide for the nation’s premier land defence exhibition. Twenty-two of the world’s armies were also represented through attendance at the Chiefs of Armies Exercise, with 16 countries sending their Chiefs of Army or Senior Army Commander.

More than 500 exhibitors from 23 countries were represented at the international trade exhibition which occupied the Centre’s entire ground floor and foyers.

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